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Developer Discs; as provided to ISV's
I've never been a programmer, so have never used (or seen) these discs. As before, be careful. The earliest of these is 1993, so they are all for RISC OS 3. All these archives contain other archives. !SparkPlug, the freeware dearchiver, is supplied.
Archive' DevDisc29.zip - BugFix, NewLook, Newsletter (lists all newsletters back to no. 25)
Archive' DvNws30/31.zip - !sparkplug, AllocApps, ChangeFSI, DrawFile, Faults, and StyleGuide
Archive' 32.zip - !sparkplug, NewsLetter (lists all newsletters back to no. 25), ROLib_Xtra, SerialDev, SysRes
Archive' Disc32Supp.zip - A supplement to the above, containing AppUpdate, DrawFile (updated from 31) and SysRes (Patched from 32)
Archive' DevNews34.zip - Allocate, ColourPic, Logo and the Newsletter
Archive' DevDisc35.zip - Allocate, Contents (Newsletter again), Doc, DrawFile (another patch), UpgrDisc2
Archive' DevDisc36.zip - Makemodes app for the RiscPC, Developer order forms (no longer valid), Errata from the Programmer's Reference Manual, Product Directory forms. Note: documents on this disc are in Impression Style format.
Archive' DevDisc37.zip - ROSLib, ProdDir, Orders
Archive' 38.zip - Most of the above, repeated: Allocation, BugFix, ColourPick, DrawFile, Faults, Logo, Merge, newsletter, Ordering, Patch, PRMvol5, ProdDirect, SerialDev, StyleGuide and UpgrDisc2
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