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Acorn Dealer Support, Demonstration, Test and FCO discs
Archive' 0283090-01.zip - The official Acorn Dealer Test Disc for A300 and A400 series machines from July 1989. Full details in the README1,00 file.
Archive' 0280032-02.zip - The official Acorn Dealer Test Disc for the BBC A3000 from September 1989. Full details in the README1,00 file.
Archive' A3000Demo.zip - 'Advertising Rolling Demo (V2.09)'. Supplied to dealers for use on display systems. It sort of runs okay under RISC OS 4, with only the 'Soldiers' animation being broken. In 1989, this was quite classy. Rendered marching soldiers were courtesy of 'RenderBender' by Clares Micros Supplies, from memory.
Archive' 0292824-01.zip - The official Acorn Dealer Test Disc for the A5000 machines in 1992.
Archive' a5000demo.zip - The official dealer rolling demo for the A5000. Seems to work perfectly under RISC OS 4. Note that in the Easiwriter demo, RISC OS is written Risc OS, which is very non-canonical.
Archive' TescoDemo.zip - In 1992, Acorn and Tesco started the first retail promotion whereby parents could get stuff for their kids' school by getting vouchers with their shopping. This demo could run unattended in stores. In theory.
Archive' Test-Disc.zip - The official Acorn Test disc for the ARM2500- powered A30x0 and A4000 series machines.
Archive' a3010demo.zip - The official Acorn dealer demo for the A3010. This was intended as a 'home computer' version of the A3020 and A4000. Same case as the former, but with RF modulator for TV connexion, no IDE interface and lower memory to cut costs. Lots went into schools when the retail sales didn't happen.
Archive' ls-14-disc.zip - The first disc-based release of Acorn Customer Service News. A full electronic set of Field Change Orders (FCO's) from late 1987 through to late 1992. Plus Application Notes (AppNotes) and the NetUtils patch.
Archive' Issue15.zip - The next disc has rather less on it. I doubt anyone will honour the Warranty Repair Service Report or Product Return Authorisation claims now.
< CSNews18.zip - What happened to 16 & 17? From memory, they didn't have discs. This has a full up to date (May 1993) archive of the AppNotes, a few more FCO's and the free RISC OS dearchiver, !SparkPlug.
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