Acorn Access basics

People keep asking questions on this topic on comp.sys.acorn.networking, so I thought I ought to put some stuff up to help. The various tools were developed by me for TME (South West) Ltd. Scattered through them are notices of copyright. As they have no commercial value to TME now, we will allow free and public use by anyone of those items which were created by TME. Please retain the credit if changing anything. Items included which are owned by other companies or person remain their property.

The intention is to gather together the various answers I've given people as an Acorn Access Frequently Asked Questions list (FAQ). Depending on how I feel, this might be called Acorn FAQcess.

For now, though, there's an annotated page of downloads. Some are around 500KB, so please consider any bills you might have to pay.

If you've got to download to a PC and want to unzip on an Acorn (because all the filenames will break horribly if you don't), you need to download DEARCHIVE.BAS (81KB). Copy this to an Acorn-format disc or whatever, set its file type to BASIC and run it. Its name doesn't matter, by the way.